Some Dude Made It Rain At The Mall of America


The Mall of America is one of the biggest malls in the world and is arguably the most notable touristy tourist attraction Minnesota has to offer (that spoon with the cherry on it is a close 2nd). Usually “the mall,” as its people like to call it, is pretty somber and sleepy. One would expect that a mall of this size, fame and stature to be the “Times Square” of Minnesota, but it’s not. The mall is what you would expect it to be: a home to minors and fat, middle-aged women with Ellen haircuts (but not Ellen’s style) walking laps and stopping only to shop the “As Seen On TV” store and eat dinner at Orange Julius.

Now imagine all of these fat suburban women walking around, being jolly, listening to the wonderful sounds of a Christmas Choir sing “Let It Snow” in a rotunda, when all of the sudden it DOES begin to snow… er, actually it begins to rain. It begins to rain dollar bills, y’all. A 29 year-old Minneapolis resident, Serge Vorobyov, actually made it rain on those hoes.

But seriously. This all happened. Watch the video below:

Also, while doing research for this story (GOOGLING “MALL OF AMERICA”) we stumbled upon the fact that the MOA pretty much gets a new slogan every single year. Here’s the full list. As you can see, they have basically gotten shorter and shittier (except 2000. WTF, 2000?).

  • Where Something Special Happens Every Day (1992)
  • The Ultimate One-Stop Shop (1993)
  • Your Life. Your Style. Your Place. (1994)
  • America’s Shining Bright on You! (1995)
  • America, You’re the One! (1996)
  • The Spirit of America (1997)
  • Be There or Be Square! (1998)
  • America’s Lovin’ It! (1999)
  • Mall of America 2000: Celebrate the New Millennium! (2000)
  • The Mall That Remembers America (2001; after 9/11)
  • Where You’re Looking Good! (2002)
  • Red, White and You (2003)
  • More Ways to Be You (2007) (still embedded on mall’s gift cards)
  • The New Home of Nickelodeon Universe (2008; used to celebrate the opening of Nickelodeon Universe. LONG LIVE CAMP SNOOPY, DOE.)
  • The Place for Fun (2009)
  • More Stores. More Value. (2010)
  • America Loves MOA (2010)
  • 20 years of fun (2012)
  • Always New (2013)


#Protip: each slogan is 100% better when you add the words “in bed” to the end of it.

UPDATE: Here is the actual video of Serge makin’ it rain.

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