Well, Motion Studies Certainly Fucking Ripped Last Night


Motion Studies is a Brooklyn-based band and brainchild (actually, more like sexy lovechild) of singer/songwriter/producer/babe Tyler McCauley. Last night they played a show at Silent Barn in Bushwick, and it marked the live debut of their 8-piece band complete with congas (bongos?), Bill Clinton-esque saxophone vibes, and Total Tumblr Babe™ Tara Chacón on female vocals. The show was high energy and a ton of fun, as predicted, except for @jshmsh‘s afro constantly getting in everyone’s way. Also, let the official record show that one of us (no need to mention names here, but it was Kareem) kissed Tyler on the lips mid-song [heart-eyed emoji, heart-eyed emoji, heart-eyed emoji].

Here are a few great photos from last night’s Motion Studies show, courtesy of Samantha Deitch:






You can listen to “Matter of Time” and “Even If” below or via SoundCloud.

Then, if you really like it and are/want to be cool, you should buy this cassingle. Cassingle? Cassingle.

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