One Tiny Hand, More Recreational Photoshopping


At my first job out of college I met a very strange, very crazed and very wise (read: drunk) Art Director who shall remain nameless (his name is Kevin). He taught a young version of me many important life lessons, like 1) If you’re going to smoke cigarettes during work hours, do it in secret. 2) New Zealand is chill as fuck. 3) Rock n’ roll is not dead. 4) But the glory days of advertising are. 5) There is no age limit for adventure. 6) Kurt Vonnegut was right. And so on. Kevin is a fountain of cynical knowledge, and continues to stay in touch by sending barely-comprehensible nuggets of genius such as the following, without any context whatsoever: “One Tiny Hand.”

One Tiny Hand showcases topical photographs where one person has a tiny, perfectly re-touched hand. That’s it. And according to Kevin (and revised to make sense), it speaks to a larger trend.

“For an amusing interlude between paying clients (edit: hopefully, but whatever), some designers have taken up the hobby of “Recreational Photoshopping:” Creating quick-but-still-professional Photoshop job meme things. The results are different than traditional humor and jokes. With every picture, your mind has to ask: Why? Why is this so goddamned great and funny? Because it is non-sensical, and yet someone has taken the time to produce visual nonsense, and then take that to an extreme (by building an entire series). That’s what makes this so amusing.”

Looks like Kevin answered his own question. Enjoy:





[h/t "Kevin"]

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